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Instant Replays, Match Highlights and Press Conferences


The information below is specific to the Telstra Premiership. Service for lower leagues or Major Events such as the State of Origin may vary depending on NRL's content rights with our Digital Partners.

Instant Replay

An Instant Replay is a single clip (approx. 15 secs) of a match highlight, such as a try being scored, which is published while the match is still in play.

Not every highlight moment of a match may be published.

Instant replay clips can be found in the Match Centre and may be published to other areas of the site, for example, on the Homepage or under News.

Due to rights agreements with the local broadcasters, these clips are not available to fans in New Zealand.

Short Match Highlights

Soon after the final whistle, a short match highlights video (approx. 3 mins) will be available for fans to view.

The short match highlights videos are available for fans to view on-demand in all countries.

Extended Highlights and Full Match Replays

Press Conferences


While NRL endeavour to present you with the content as mentioned above, we cannot guarantee the volume of content, the length of the videos or the exact time of publishing as there may be factors outside of our control.