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What is NRL Fantasy?

NRL Fantasy is a team management game based on the real thing and it’s FREE to enter.

In just minutes you can be playing against your friends, creating new rivalries and engaged in the excitement of the NRL in a new and totally addictive way.

To begin, select a team of players from across the NRL. Your players will then be allocated a score based on their actual performance for that round. Join a league and your team will be playing against opponents in your league each week; the highest scoring team in each match-up wins.

You will also be entered into an overall competition against every coach in the country and another with coaches who follow your favourite team. Each of these leagues has a most-excellent major prize on offer.

Adjust and improve your team each week by trading players in and out after tracking the news of the week and assessing the opinions of the experts. Watch the real games with new passion for individual players now in your Fantasy team and get the Fantasy vibe for life!

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