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NRL Account

NRL Account is a free account allowing you access across the NRL Digital Network. For more details on the benefits of an NRL Account, visit NRL.com .

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Release notes





December 2019

NRL account needed to register to play rugby league via MySideline

January 2019

2019 NRL Account enhancements released

August 2018

Customer Service able to generate temporary passwords for fans who are locked out.

March 2018

Customer Service able to manually verify a fan's NRL Account.

February 2018

Fans able to log in or sign up to NRL Account in Club or State Apps

January 2018

Fans able to link historical Fantasy and Tipping accounts to NRL Account

Exclusive content locked and accessible only to fans who have an NRL Account

December 2017

Launch of NRL Account on the responsive sites of the NRL Network and the NRL App.