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Unsubscribe to emails - Manage your communication preferences

You can manage your communication preferences with the NRL by scrolling to the bottom of the email communication and clicking the email preferences link.

This will take you to a page to manage your communication preferences.

Untick the checkbox or update the frequency of the relevant communication or tick Unsubscribe to remove all communications preferences from the NRL. 

Placing a tick in the Unsubscribe tickbox means that you will no longer receive email communications from the NRL for that email address.
Please be aware that you may have provided your information to other entities on the NRL Network who may be in a position to contact you. You will need to liaise with them directly to manage your communication preferences if you no longer wish to hear from them.

Click on the Update Preferences button to save the changes.

If you want to continue to receive the communications, simply ensure that there is a tick in the relevant checkbox.