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Deleting your NRL Account

You can request your NRL Account to be deleted at any time. Please go to the Contact Us page and complete the form requesting NRL to delete your NRL Account.

By deleting your NRL Account, you will no longer be able to:

  • log in to the NRL Network (including NRL, Club and State websites and mobile apps) using your credentials.

  • purchase and use a Live Pass subscription (non-Telstra customers only).

  • play Fantasy or Tipping if you are currently doing so - please note, if you want to stop playing fantasy or tipping, you can do so at any time and still keep your NRL Account.

  • receive special offers.

  • watch NRL TV  or access any exclusive content such as extended highlights, match replays, press conferences, etc. Click here for more information on NRL TV

  • access any exclusive features on the NRL app.

Please note that you may still receive communications from associates, entities or affiliates of NRL (as you may have previously supplied them with your details). You will need to liaise with them directly to manage that relationship or in the footer of any email you receive from them will contain an unsubscribe link to their communications.  

Deleting your NRL Account will NOT affect the following...

Deleting your NRL Account will not affect your: