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Information to provide in your Content Services Brief or Request

When making a request to Content Services for vision (film and/or photos), production service or access, we encourage you to provide as much information as possible. Providing relevant information will assist us in processing your request. 

If you have a Content Services request, visit Content Services to log your request.



In the Detailed Description field, provide as much information as possible pertaining to your request.  Below are some things to consider.

Prioritise the content you need

  • Consider prioritising what content you need. For example:

    • are you looking for footage of a specific player or action shots?

    • if you request tries for your club – be more specific and nominate the specific game or a specific player.

    • provide the time code of the vision if you have it.

    • do you know if the match is digitised.

    • Is it a wrap for a retiring player?

    • What sentiment are you trying to convey?

  • What do you want delivered and what skills do you think will be required for delivery. For example:

    • do you need a cameraman to capture vision?

    • will an editor be required to put it together?

    • is voice over work required?

    • do you want to use a specific player?

  • Where requesting vision, detail how and where the vision will be used, if a watermark is needed, etc. Please note that vision may be subject to licensing fees.

  • Do you have details around the vision such as:

    • the event (e.g. Is it the Telstra Premiership, Women's State of Origin, World Cup Challenge, etc)

    • the match (e.g. when the match took place, date and/or location)

    • the player (e.g. which specific player are you looking for in your vision)

    • any timeframes (e.g. the vision I am after occurred 20 minutes into match...)

The more information you can give us would be helpful in assisting us locate the vision.

Consider your budget

  • Consider how much you want to spend on fulfilling your request (and provide the number, if possible).

  • Technical and fulfilment costs may be attached if there is a lot of technical or fulfilment (for example: the cost of finding then vision, pulling down the vision and processing the vision. This all takes time).  This is why prioritising what content you need is very important.

It is easier to fulfill vision if it is for the current season or post-2016.

Access Requests

  • Let us know why you need access.

  • Please advise what organisation you are from, if you work within the media industry, or are a partner or sponsor.


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