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Archive Retrieval - Footage

This forms part of the Digital Operations Processes.

This details how to request retrieval of archive footage - the process and the chargeback of costs.

Content Services archives all past NRL matches.

We may update this information from time to time, in which case we will post the updated version of the information on our NRL Help website (https://help.nrl.com). As such, please check back periodically to see if our information has been updated.

Request to retrieve archive footage

  • Please ensure you provide as much information regarding your request as possible.  This will assist us in processing your request.

  • Internal users are to log requests using http://nrlau.sharepoint.com/bu/digital/content  or the NRL Digital Service Desk if you have access.

  • External stakeholder requests (e.g. from clubs or states), please go to the Content Services page on the NRL website and contact the Content Services Team with your request. 

Archive retrieval process

  1. Request to retrieve match footage received by Content Services

  2. Content Services locates the footage and determines the current format.

  3. Content Services review costs and agree possible recharge/invoice

  4. Obtain approval from the Requestor to proceed

  5. Footage is retrieved

  6. Footage is sent as agreed with the requestor   


The cost of retrieving the footage is charged at AUD$150-200 for every hour spent locating the footage, for some footage requests there is a minimum $900-1100 fee (plus additional Time and materials at the hourly rate).

  • Where the requestor is an NRL internal department, the amount will be recharged to that department.

  • Where the requestor is an external party, the external party will be invoiced. 

  • Where it is a commercial request, the requestor will be subject to a licensing usage agreement and fee. Refer to the Rate Card


Please ensure you comply with all requirements relating to the use of the video. Refer to the video licensing article and licensing agreement.


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