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Video Licensing - Ownership and Permissions

This forms part of the Digital Operations Processes.

This details the ownership, licensing and permissions required to use NRL videos or footage.


  • The NRL is the sole owner of all match vision of the NRL and remains the Intellectual Property of the NRL.

  • No other external parties (e.g. Channel 9, Fox Sports) are authorised to sell match vision for any commercial activity.

Commercial use of video or footage

  • All match vision sold for commercial purposes must adhere to the 3 or more player rule. This simply means that all vision must contain 3 or more easily visually recognised players. Any pieces of match vision with less than 3 players must have the written permission of the player or player’s manager before it can be released.

  • All commercial use of our match vision must be sent to NRL Content Services for final approval.

Requests for the use of video or footage relating to commercial activity

  • All requests for match vision related to commercial activities (eg. Sponsor and non-sponsor advertising and promotions, including requests from Club and State League sponsors) will be subject to the NRL Films and Photos Rate card. Please contact the Content Services Team who will review your request.

  • All requests for match vision related to Club or State Leagues for their internal activities (eg. Membership drives, ticket sales, general club promotional activities) can be addressed by individual clubs.


  • Any requests for footage that need to be extracted from our archives will incur a technical and fulfillment fee of $150 (excluding GST) per hour - refer to: Archive Retrieval - Footage for further information.

Abuse of video usage will result in Clubs or States access being removed and/or future requests not being fulfilled.
We may update this information from time to time, in which case we will post the updated version of the information on our NRL Help website (https://help.nrl.com). As such, please check back periodically to see if our information has been updated.


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