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Tipping, Registrations and NRL Account

Common questions around playing Tipping Registrations and NRL Account. If the information you need is not below, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Tipping and Registration

It is a competition where you choose which NRL teams you think are going to win their respective games for each round.
For each correct tip, you receive a point towards your overall score.
Compare your overall score with your friends or against the entire competition.

No, you may only register once and enter each of the prize competition games (e.g. Fantasy or Tipping) ONCE.

You will face possible disqualification as indicated in the official Terms & Conditions if you are found to be registered more than once or controlling more than one team in any one prize competition game at any stage of the competition.

It’s also important to note that:

  • You only need one NRL Account to log-in to all NRL games (e.g. NRL Fantasy, Draft, NRL Tipping, etc).

  • The NRL Account you used to play NRL Tipping in previous years should still be active and usable.

No. Anyone registered as under 18 when will not see inappropriate content such as gambling odds or liquor ads.
Yes. Search the Play or Apple app stores for NRL Tipping and make sure you download the official NRL Tipping app … there are many imposters out there

Tipping and NRL Account