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I want to stop playing Tipping...

If you wish to stop your participation in the NRL Tipping competition, you can do the following:

  1. Do nothing. If you stop logging in to Tipping, you stop tipping, so you're not playing.

  2. If a competition you are in has not started, you can leave the competition by clicking the Leave button on the Settings page for the particular Comp. (see instructions below).

  3. If a competition you are in has started, you are not able to leave the competition as it may cause issues with other players in the competition.

You can also contact us if you would like to delete your NRL Account. Deleting your NRL Account will have the impacts listed below.  You can still keep your NRL Account and stop playing Tipping.

If you delete your NRL Account, this will have the following impacts to your experience on the Digital Network such as:

  • you will likely lose the link to your Tipping game history. 

  • you will be unable to access designated NRL content (for example: press conferences, match replays, extended highlights, etc).

  • you will be unable to access exclusive features on the NRL App (such as the My Club tab which is a shortcut to your favourite club's latest news, stats, players, etc).

Click here for more information on the impacts of deleting your NRL Account.

To leave a competition, click on the  icon and select Comps. This will display the Comps you are in.

Click on the Comp you want to leave. This will open that comp's information. In the top navigation menu, click on Settings and simply click on the Leave this Comp button.