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I am trying to play Fantasy and am experiencing issues with my account setup...

If you are having issues, please Contact Us.


Before you can set up your Fantasy team, you need to sign up for an NRL Account and verify the email that you used to sign up. 
You can sign up from the Fantasy site, the NRL site or any Club/State site.  You can sign up to an NRL Account anytime.
Enter your Team name.
Enter the Country you are in. If Australia is selected, please tell us your State.
Accept the Terms and Conditions by placing a tick in the box - if you want to read them click on Terms and Conditions and they will be displayed to you.
Let us know if you would like to hear from the great folks at Youi by placing a tick in the box.
Click Play Now.
Tell us the game you want to play.
Click Play Fantasy or Play Draft to begin setting up your team for this year.