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Fantasy Only - Trades, Player Value and Positions

The information below applies to Fantasy only. Visit the following articles if you are looking for information specific to:

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Player Trades

  1. Go to the Trades page and select the player you would like to trade OUT of your team.

  2. Click the T icon of the player to remove them from your team.

  3. Select the player you would like to trade IN to your team and click the + button to add that player to your team

  4. Confirm your trade(s).

  1. Select and remove the player you would like to trade OUT of your team.

  2. Click the S icon of the player you would like to move into the newly vacant spot. Repeat for another player(s) if required.

  3. Select the player you would like to trade IN to your team.

If you’re using a web version, these may be closed and need opening.
The Reserves Bench is on the left of your My Team screen and the Player Pool on the right. Click them to open and close.
If you’re using the App, the Reserves Bench is at the bottom of your team (My Team page), whilst the Player Pool is accessed by initiating team selection or trading.
In both versions (web and App), the Stats Centre has all players and their statistics.

There are two ways to 'undo' your trading activity, but they only work prior to the game lock-outs for the players involved in the current live round, meaning 'undoing' gets more complicated as the games of a round progress.

  1. Reverse Trade button allows you to neutralise a specific trade. Select the trade (or both) you wish to reverse and click the button. Note, this may not be accepted if reversing would make your team invalid (e.g. you made two trades and reverse one that takes your over your slary cap).

  2. Roll Back Your Team button reinstates your team to exactly what it looked like at the end of the previous lockout period. Clicking this button reverses any trades you made since the lockout was lifted and resets any adjustments made to Captain, Vice-Captain, Emergency selections and player positioning. Roll back only works up until the first lock-out of each round as once the first lock-out starts your C and VC choice is set.

Your team's trade history is accessible from the Trades page below the Player Pool in the web version only.
The Final Series component of your League (Rounds 21 to 24 by default, but check the League Settings to confirm) operate under the same trading rules as the regular season, so you can make up to two trades per round as long as you still have trades in the bank.

Player Values

NRL Fantasy equates a player’s actual on-field performance with points as defined by the official Fantasy scoring system.
Find out more about point scoring in the NRL Fantasy on the Fantasy Guidelines page.
All Teams begin with the same Salary Cap of $9,400,000 when their Team is first set up.
After Round 1, team values increase or decrease depending on the price changes of the players selected within each squad.
Team values can only exceed the starting salary cap if the total of their player price rises exceed the total of their player price falls.
You can maximise the chances of increasing your team value by making smart team selection decisions and clever trades (like selecting a basement priced player who you know will play regularly and therefore rise significantly in value: a Cash Cow). Conversely, users who pick a lot of players who drop in price may end up with a team value of less than the starting salary cap.
Player prices change once a week every week after the completion of the Round 1 of the NRL regular season.
The price changes will occur when the games for the round are all concluded and the Round Lock-out id lifted. This usually occurs a few hours after the round’s last match.
No, a player’s price does not change if they do not play.
A player’s initial price is based upon their scores from the previous year along with numerous other factors. We do not provide exact details regarding how player prices change from there on, other than to say that player prices are based on past performances with most recent games having the largest influence on the value.
Player values change each round after Round 1. Player price changes are calculated based on 'normalisation' and past performances, with most recent games having the largest influence on the value.

Player Positions

Yes. If this player ends up being involved in an auto-emergency substitution, he is eligible to fill both of his dual positions. The exact substitution will be dictated by the ordering of your reserves bench and the players who did not start.
As NRL Fantasy has an Open Bench and thus the scope for multiple auto-emergency substitutions, you would be wise to utilise DPPs within your reserves. More DPP equals more security.
Note: DPP updates are made following the end of Rounds 6, 12 and 18.

Yes, you must have exactly 21 players in your squad to have an eligible Team in NRL Fantasy.

Of the 21 players you select, you must have a Starting 13 made up of:

  • 3 Fullbacks/Wingers

  • 2 Centres

  • 2 Halves

  • 1 Hooker

  • 2 Edge Forwards

  • 3 Middle Forwards.

The other 8 players form your reserves bench and can be from any position.

Players on the reserves bench are ordered, by you, from 1 to 8, with players 1 to 4 (interchange players) scoring full points and players 5 to 8 (emergency players) back-ups, in case one of your scoring 17 does not start.

You can only play the player in the position you selected him for unless you have another player that has the exact DPP position listings and is selected in the other position.
In this case, you can make an eligible dual-position substitution. For instance, a dual position player listed as a Hooker/Half can only be subbed between Hooker and Half positions (and vice versa) with another player who is also listed as a Hooker/Half and is in the alternate position.
If you have multiple players eligible for DPP substitution, all players can be moved about.
For Draft-specific queries, please refer to the Classic Game FAQs if your query is not listed here.
Yes. This is why you have trades to utilise. That said, it may be wiser to hold that player and substitute in another from your bench to cover for a week or so.