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Fantasy Draft - Trades, Player Values and Scores

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NRL Fantasy Draft is a team management game based on the real thing and it’s FREE to enter.
In just minutes you can be playing against your friends, creating new rivalries and be engaged in the excitement of the NRL in a new and totally addictive way.
To begin, join a league and your team will be playing against opponents in your league each week. The highest scoring team in each match-up wins.
Take turns with your friends to select players, with only one team in each league able to ‘draft’ any given player. There is no salary cap in Draft. Your players will then be allocated a score based on their actual performance for that round.
After tracking the news of the week and assessing the opinions of the experts, adjust and improve your team each week by trading players in and out, as long as the other users in your league agree to your trades or your picking up Restricted and Unrestricted Free Agents.
Watch the real games with new passion for individual players now in your Fantasy team and get the Fantasy vibe for life!
The default setting for Fantasy Draft sees your League Games start in Round 1, however, you are able to change this whilst setting up your League. If you start a draft league after the NRL season has commenced league play will begin at the start of the upcoming round unless the league commissioner specifies otherwise in the settings.
Note that there is no overall Competition for Fantasy Draft and no prizes to be won.


Player Trades FAQs

Yes, you can either trade this player with another team in your league, or delist this player and sign either a Free Agent or a Restricted Free Agent.
Free agents can be immediately added to your team via trading, whereas restricted free agents are subject to a waiver period. This waiver period allows all the others in your league to make a claim for that player.
This is likely due to you having a lower priority for the trade than the other team.
Who ultimately gets to trade in restricted free agents is governed by your league’s agency rules.
This is likely due to the trade being vetoed by other members of your league. Your league’s trade rules govern how a direct team-to-team trade can be made.


Player Values and Positions FAQs

There is no salary cap in the NRL Fantasy Draft game. You can add any player to your team who isn’t already in another team.
Players do not have prices in NRL Fantasy Draft, so there are no value changes.
Yes, you must have the exact number of players in order to have an eligible NRL Fantasy Draft team. You must also satisfy all the positional requirements of your league. You can have any mix of positions you like on your reserves bench.


Player Scores FAQs

Should any of the players in starting team (remember, in Draft there are a number of different possible team configurations) not take the field (DNP), a player from the Reserves Bench will be automatically substituted in, based on the following criteria:

  • Auto-emergency calculation (the replacing and covering of players) occurs from full lockout (i.e. from the start of the last game of the round).

  • Commissioners have the option to create leagues with smaller finals series and have the following Emergency settings options:

    • Emergency ON setting means emergencies only cover another player with the matching position that did not play, e.g. A Forward emergency will cover a Forward who did not play (DNP). The Emergency needs be manually selected by the user.

      Emergency OFF means that only players on your field will score and any players that do not play in the round will not be covered by a player on your bench.

If there is no player on the Reserves Bench with the same position as the DNP, there is no eligible auto-emergency player and no auto-emergency substitution will be made and the team will score 0 for the DNP position. An eligible DPP can only auto-substitute for one DNP player.

No, the automatic emergency only replaces a player who does not play at all. A negative score is subtracted from your team’s score and there is no replacement by an emergency.
You will receive the score of the lowest-scoring emergency player on your reserves bench, as your one and only automatic emergency substitution.
If you have two or more players in your starting team who do not play, only one of them will have their score replaced by the automatic emergency. The other player’s zero score will remain.
Interchange bench players do not contribute to your team’s score unless you have players from your starting line-up not playing. In this scenario only your lowest scoring interchange player (the automatic emergency) will contribute to your team score, replacing one of your Players who did not play.