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Didn't receive the reset password email for NRL Account?

If you have requested to reset your password, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to complete the process.

If you cannot find the email in your inbox, check your Spam (or Junk) folder to make sure it hasn’t gone there

If you have not received a password reset email, please make sure that on the password reset screen, you have entered the email address that you used to create your NRL Account. You may not be receiving the password reset email because you have entered the incorrect email address. 

To avoid any issues with your NRL Account, we recommend that you verify your email. You can trigger the verification email on the Edit Profile page once you have logged in to your NRL Account. If you are experiencing any issues, please contact us and provide as much information as possible regarding your issue.

If you created your NRL Account using your Facebook or Google account details, you do not need a password. On the Log In screen choose the Facebook or Google button to complete the Log In process. Please remember, if you want to reset your password on your Facebook or Google account, you need to go to the settings screen of the relevant social account. You cannot reset your social account's password through your NRL Account.

Play Rugby League

The following information refers to users attempting to register and/or login to my MySideline profile at profile.mysideline.com.au


Important: Your previous LeagueNet login (The login you previously used to register) will no longer exist. From 2020 onwards participants will need to login using an NRL Account.
As part of the registration process you will be prompted to login to your NRL Account. (If you don't have an existing NRL Account you will be able to create one during the registration process) An NRL Account is different to your previous LeagueNet login.

If you are trying to send a password reset link to your existing LeagueNet email, you will first need to create an NRL Account under that email address and link your existing profile/s.

To view a step by step guide on how to register and create and NRL Account, visit Play Rugby League Support.

If you have an existing profile and need to change the email address so you can link it to your NRL Account, visit Play Rugby League Support.

If you are trying to verify your email address to access MySideline and are not receiving the verification email/code, visit Play Rugby League Support.

Already have an NRL Account and are not receiving the password reset email or are trying to verify a new NRL Account?

a) If you are using a business email address, your business may block certain emails from being received. You may need to ask them to put noreply@nrl.com.au on their white list or use a personal email address.

b) The email may be in your junk/spam folder

c) You may have noreply@nrl.com.au blocked in your emails security settings

If you have tried all of the above and are still not receiving the verification email, please visit the contact us page.

Didn't receive the verification email or 4 digit code?

How do I change my email address?

I want to reset or change my password for my NRL Account...

Unsubscribe to emails - Manage your communication preferences

Deleting your NRL Account

I can't sign up using Facebook

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