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All about Fantasy: Leagues, Players and Stats

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League FAQs

Head to the Leagues section via the main nav, then click 'Create a League'. Give your league a name and select the settings you prefer, then click the 'Create League' button and you're away.
Yes, all you have to do is create a Private League and then invite your friends through email, Facebook, Twitter (plus WhatsApp & SMS on mobile) and/or by giving them the League code.
Don’t forget the League Commissioner can also add Celebrity Players to the league to fill empty spots or just because you like the idea of beating the Lone Scout.
To join a league go to the My Leagues page and search for the league you want to join. Public leagues are listed. Private leagues require the league PIN code. Leaving a league is done via the red button on the league settings page.
You can only leave a league before the league’s first Lockout. 
Click the iconburger menu icon and select Leagues.
In the top navigation menu, click My Leagues. A listing of the Leagues you belong to will display.
Click on the League you want to leave. In the top navigation menu, click Settings.
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Leave this League button.
League Commissioners have the authority to change your league name. In addition, if your league was not filled by its start round, the league may be cancelled, merged with another league or have other teams added to it.

Player FAQs

Scores and Statistics FAQs

The Fantasy site has in-depth information regarding points scoring - click here to view


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